Why do you need an area rug?

Area rugs are an excellent addition to that laminate, hardwood, or luxury vinyl floor. They protect the floor, add beauty to the room, and can work to bring everything together stylishly. Here are some benefits and style factors for area rugs.

They are beautiful

Want to personalize your home or office? Rugs can add color to the room, and you get an artistic feel to the rug's pattern. The rug can set the room's mood, and the room's character is defined. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing an area rug as part of your décor. They are more than just a floor covering; they are also art that is functional for the floor.

They give you a soft, comfortable feeling

Rugs give you an incredible feeling under bare feet with their plushness; hardwood floors are lovely, and floor tiles are excellent. But can they give you a cozy and snug feeling under your feet? No. Area rugs can be inviting for guests and restful for you.

They are versatile

Most of them can be repositioned or moved with little trouble or hassle. They can be on the go and travel with you when you change homes or apartments, which is suitable for renters. If you need a theme for a room, a rug can serve you well.

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They provide safety in the home

Because of their softness, they can help protect when someone has a fall. This is an essential factor for families with small children or elderly adults in the home. They can protect against sudden movement when under sofas and chairs. Have you ever had a chair slide out from under you while on a hardwood floor? This soft surface prevents that from happening.

They reduce noise

Is noise a problem in your room? Add stereos, tv's and phones, and that noise is amplified. Area rugs help reduce the noise in a home by absorbing the ambient sound. In apartment complexes, they help reduce noise between floors.
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You can have a traditional space with a Persian rug. Or you can change the room to modern with a striped graphic rug. A soft look goes with shag, whereas a bold look is accomplished with solid colors.


What kind of rug should you buy? The biggest you can afford. A too-small area rug is a décor mistake that happens often. For a queen or king bed, then your rug should be an 8x10 area rug. This allows for a runner-type spacing around the bed. For a living room, the rug should be big enough to fit all the furniture on top of it. There should be a six-inch border around all the back of the furniture. If you can’t get that, then set the front of the furniture pieces on top of the rug. With a dining table, the rug should be big enough for the table and chairs with the chairs pushed back from the table toward the wall.

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