Bathroom remodeling


A bathroom remodeling experience you can personalize

Do you think that you have to tear out walls and replace plumbing pipes? Not so fast. Your bathroom remodeling should focus on specifics. What are the aspects that you want to change or need to change? Having a professional team at your back is a great way to ensure that you don’t miss a single thing.


A bathroom vanity is a part of the cabinetry remodels. This can be another task because vanities have particular features that are important to a bathroom. Those include a mirror, storage space, and lighting. Sometimes an electrical outlet is added. It's a good idea to list all of your requirements for the vanity ahead of time.

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Showers, walls, and bathroom flooring

Showers are another task to look at. There are extensive preferences for showers. We also work with moving toilets, tubs, sinks, and showers. Again, there are many options to consider.

Gorgeous tile can make a bathroom breathtaking. Tile is functional and aesthetic at the same time. It protects the walls from water and comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. You can mix and match and add your design that keeps within your budget.

Bathroom flooring comes in several options. With today’s flooring, you can use ceramic tile as well as luxury vinyl and vinyl flooring. There are waterproof and water-resistant options galore.


When it comes to budgeting, your bathroom remodel is an investment into your home. Experts say that 60% of a home’s value can be found in the bathrooms. Bathrooms set a tone for the entire house. If you are planning to sell, nothing causes a potential buyer to run faster than a dingy, cluttered, cracked bath with broken tile, a floor in need of repair, and an odd layout.

An average cost of renovation can run between $9,000 and $12,000. Just remember that it doesn’t need to be a complete, wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor renovation. By installing a new tub and surrounding shower, along with a well-planned lighting scheme, you can enhance the room significantly.

If you are considering a bathroom remodeling, then Abbey Carpet & Floor at Patricia’s, is your source for quality installations. We do tubs, showers, flooring, and all the spaces in-between. Visit our showroom in Cape Coral, FL. We also service Cape Coral, FL, Cypress Lake, FL, Fort Myers, FL, Iona, FL, North Fort Myers, FL, Sanibel, FL, Cape Coral, FL, Cypress Lake, FL, and Fort Myers, FL. Our experts will be happy to answer all of your questions and get started on your bathroom upgrade.
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