Here's why solid hardwood flooring could be for you!

Here's why solid hardwood flooring could be for you!

If you need an excellent wood flooring experience, there are plenty of ways to get it. But it could be that a solid hardwood option could be what's best in your home.

There are many reasons this could be the perfect match. And here are some reasons that could help you work on your remodel.

Solid hardwood has a long lifespan

These floors offer one of the most extended lifespans in the flooring industry. They can easily reach and exceed more than 100 years with proper care.

The lifespan is also extended by professional installation and regular cleaning. With solid hardwood flooring options, a few runners or area rugs can also help keep dirt and debris off the surface of these floors.

These floors are very customizable

You can customize these floors in many ways, including color, texture, and format. But even installation layouts can change the way these floors look.

Remember that current trends are another way to get the best from these floors. And each trend could keep you current for years to come.

You'll love the durability of solid hardwood

Durability is one of the reasons these floors last so long, with a proper wood flooring species choice and sealant. As a result, they can guard against most wear and tear.

If you're looking for a specific level of durability, we can likely help you achieve it. So be sure to share your preferences with us while you're here.

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